Find Repair Capabilities with High demand and Low Competition

Many companies focus on how to "beat" the competition instead of finding ways to make them irrelevant. With 145 Big Data you'll not only find parts with low competition, you'll also find hot parts with NO competition.

Spot Trends

Find Hot Parts

Analyze Prices

Customize Reports

How competitive are my capabilities?

Repair centers spend tens of millions of dollars each year on capability development. Choosing the right parts to repair is expensive and can make or break your business. So, to help shops reduce risks and research costs, The 145 has come up with Big Data, a system that helps you accurately analyze all facets of your existing repair capability and offer suggestions about other parts you should consider repairing.

Analyze Easier. Invest Wiser. Succeed Faster.

Gain valuable insights into the performance of millions of repair capabilities. Select your search criteria, then review the search results to identify critical trends for specific part numbers. Evaluate the competition, price your repair capabilities accordingly and then set your mind at ease knowing you're investing in the best possible parts to repair.

Data to Set You Apart, Insights to Keep You Ahead

When it come to capability development, spoting repair trends, or just understanding the market for your capabilities better, you need to be analysing the best data for you can find. The better the data quality, and more of it, will help you make decisions that will keep you ahead of the competitions.